What do planets represent in the zodiac signs as per Astrology?

by astrology valley Aug 30 2021

Inner and outer planets 

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the 4 main inner planets nearest to the Sun. Inner planets travel quicker across the zodiac and influence signs more deeply. 

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the largest and most distant planets from the sun. A much longer to circle the sun and have a bigger impact on your life, the outer planets take seven years or more to transit the zodiac It is said that the vitality of a planet is embodied by its sign. 


Mars is Aries' ruler. It symbolizes ambition, competitiveness, and zeal. In contemporary times, this seems apparent. Aries is the Roman equivalent of the Greek war deity Ares. 

Having a good grasp of your Mars sign can help you understand your degree of drive and activity. Mars' energy is fierce and boisterous, and it likes to spark controversy. Aries is considered to be obstinate and fight hard. It's essential to understand Aries viewpoints to avoid provoking them, which is when Mars energy begins to take control. 


Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus. It symbolizes connections, love, and desire. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Ceres. Aphrodite's Roman name is Venus.  Taurus, although being represented by the bull, is a sensuous and feminine sign due to the mix of governing planets. It is linked to rebirth and satisfaction. This explains the sign's emphasis on touch and sensuality. 

Your Venus sign reveals your goals and ideals, as well as your capacity to offer and accept love and devotion. Considering Venus's proclivity for passion and love, this fits in well with Libra. They tend to be serial daters because they are scared of being alone. Unlike Venus and Aphrodite's acts in mythology, Libra's deeds are likewise well balanced. This may be shown in a desire for genuine love and justice. 


Both Mercury and Hermes, the Greek deity who rules Gemini, were messengers of the gods. Gemini's governing planet is Mercury, which explains their friendly nature. This suits Gemini's intelligence. Mercury was believed to exist in two realms, the underworld, and the natural reality. This reflects Gemini's wit and intelligence.  

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Chiron. He was a centaur who taught many of Greek mythology's finest warriors. Mercury and Chiron both influence Virgo's propensity for rationality and pragmatism. Virgo's approach and attention to detail are comparable to Chiron's way of teaching heroes. The Mercury sign is all about communicating ability and mentality. Your Mercury sign impacts your ability to express yourself and reveals a lot about your personality and interests. 


The Moon governs the seas and waves and rules Cancer. Cancer and the water sign are strangely compatible. The Moon is linked with feelings and femininity. 

Next to Pisces, Cancers are the most sensitive and empathic signs. They can sense other people's emotions and respond in kind, like the Moon on the water. 


Leo's ruler is the Sun. Thus, this is perfect for Leo. Leos want the limelight, and there's no better planet to govern than the Sun.  The Sun is brilliant, central, and one of your zodiac's most significant positions. 

The Sun, being Leo's ruler fits well with its desire to be the center of attention. Like the Sun, they are flamboyant and lively. Sun sign is fundamentally about the personality and is the most significant aspect of our zodiac and horoscope. 


Pluto and Mars may contribute to Scorpios' poor reputation. Now that we've covered Mars in Aries, let's move on to Pluto, which is the Roman name for the Greek deity Hades. 

Scorpios are sensitive and passionate. They are also into the underworld, which fits Pluto's position in his pantheon. Pluto is about your own development and where you will find it. Your Pluto sign indicates how or where you change. 


Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, and both were kings of their pantheons and sky gods. Sagittarians are cheerful, goal-oriented, and outgoing. This is extremely Jupiterian. Jupiter had numerous affairs and fights to keep his throne. He was goal-oriented, which is typical Sagittarius. 

Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, which implies they flourish when they have a vision. They have a deep faith in a higher force and Jupiter supports them. Jupiter is about sense of purpose, knowledge, and how you will get power. 


Saturn was the Roman name for Cronos (or Kronos), the Greek deity of time. Saturn was uncharacteristically obstinate. This fits nicely with Capricorn's stubbornness, which reflects its goat emblem. Capricorns are serious and loyal. They also tend to be pessimistic, like Saturn. 

Saturn's energy complements Aquarius' energy because Aquarius is powerful and focused on the future, while Saturn is focused on the past.  Rather than accepting previous beliefs, Aquarius analyses and challenges their meaning. Your Saturn sign is all about limitations, responsibilities, and authority. It determines how you confront your anxieties and establish limits. 


Uranus fits Aquarius better than Saturn. In astrology, Uranus is the planet of revolutions. This is a good Aquarius match. Aquarians have a tendency to gravitate towards the supernatural. They are progressive thinkers. They quickly embrace anybody. 

Your Uranus sign relates to your connection with technology, revolt, and creativity. In astrology, Uranus is known as the alarm clock. 


Neptune is the Roman name for the Greek deity Poseidon, and both serve as the god of the oceans in their respective pantheons. 

This is not simply because Pisces is a water sign. Inspired by Pisces' emotional ties and positive perspective on life, it is the planet of dreams. In mythology, Neptune was considered to be emotional, like Pisces. 



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